Your well being

The children you guide as a guardian have often been through hardships. They may also be traumatised. Some children will be going through puberty, and others will have to learn how to deal with the freedom they experience in Europe, if they come from a culture with stricter and clearer rules and limitations. They may have lived under the restrictions of a ruling regime which are very different from living in a more open society. All of this may cause some challenging behaviour that you will then be confronted with. And other actors working with the children may want action to be taken or ask you to make decisions.

As a result, you could experience pressures and your job may therefore be stressful and challenging. Being responsible for a number of children, and having a full diary, might also contribute to this feeling. You might feel a responsibility for solving all the problems while not being able to do so. It is therefore very important to reflect on your job and to keep an eye on your own well-being. To help you do so, this part of the toolkit addresses:

  • Stress management and preventing burnout
  • Knowing your mandate and working according to it
  • Peer to peer support
As a guardian, you are responsible and accountable for the child in your care

Stress management

This part of the toolkit discusses the importance of finding the right balance in your work between sources of stress and ...
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Knowing your mandate and working according to it

This part of the toolkit addresses the importance of knowing your mandate but also working according to it. ...
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Peer to peer support

This part of the toolkit discusses the advantages of using peer to peer support in your work as a guardian – ...
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