You and working with others

As the guardian of an unaccompanied child, you replace biological parents or other persons holding parental responsibilities. Because of this, you are the reference person for the child.

To ensure that the child’s needs are appropriately covered, you act as a link between the child and the specialist agencies and individuals who are responsible for providing the care the child requires. Whilst doing so, you respect the child’s right to be heard, and you facilitate the child’s participation in all decisions affecting the child. You facilitate the child’s contact and communication with other professionals as well as monitor their actions to ensure that the services they provide meet the child’s best interests1.

As a guardian, you cooperate with a lot of people who are involved in taking care of the child.
This part of the toolkit gives you information on working with:

  • interpreters
  • lawyers
  • cultural mediators
  • other stakeholders
As a guardian, you are responsible and accountable for the child in your care

Working with interpretors

Many unaccompanied children speak and understand some English or some of the language of their host country. However, if the child ...
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Working with lawyers

The guardian should instruct a suitably qualified and experienced lawyer or legal advisor to represent an unaccompanied child as soon as ...
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Working with cultural mediators

A cultural mediator is someone who translates language and explains cultural differences. Someone who can bridge the gap between two worlds: ...
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Working with other stakeholders

An unaccompanied child with a guardian usually has more than one service provider assisting them, for example the social service (social ...
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